52 Matthias Walkner (AUT)

“Yes, it has been a close battle between me and Sam [Sunderland], but I didn’t exactly know how it was as my focus was always to try and do my best. It is always best when you start somewhere in the middle because you lose a lot of time when you open the day.

“In the end, it is what it is and I just ride my best. I don’t know about the battle for overall honours. Anyways, I have no chance because tomorrow again I will start in front and lose a lot of time.”

2 Ricky Brabec (USA)

“Today it was hard to read the dunes. The navigation was not too tricky and I was able to catch the leading group at the re-fuelling. I think I am in great shape today.”

11 Ignacio Cornejo (ARG)

“It was a really physical stage. The dunes were slow, so they were more physical than when they are fast. The bike is running well and I am glad that I have finished this stage.”

7 Pablo Quintanilla (CHL)

“It was a tough day today. So far, the rally is going good for me. The race is super tight.”

3 Sam Sunderland (GBR)

“Yet another good day for me. It’s really hot out there. Also, it was very windy and therefore it was hard to see the lines.”

6 Franco Caimi (ARG)

“It was a hard day, and I am really glad to finish this stage.”

5 Skyler Howes (USA)

“So far, this has been the best day of the rally for me. Early on it was hard to get the pace right, but at 60km, Matthias [Walkner] caught me and then we both raced hard. After re-fuelling, I had a big crash down a dune, but I came out of it okay. I had more energy today and was more like my usual self. It has been a positive day.”

123 Charan Moore (ZAF)

“It was very difficult to see ahead due to the strong winds, especially during mid-day. The sand kept blowing straight into the face. But it was a cool and new experience.”

26 Konrad Dabrowski (POL)

“Today was a good stage for me. I kept my pace. I was pretty much alone most of the time. I was happy about the improvement I made compared to yesterday.”

78 Romain Dumontier (FRA)

“It was difficult today to get a good rhythm because there were so many dunes. I did not push myself in order to stay safe and finish the stage.”

76 Abdallah Abuaisheh (JOR)

“It was a tough day because of the angle of the sun which meant it was hard to read the track. I missed a WP in the final part of the stage.”

157 Makis Rees-Stavros (GBR)

“It was real difficult conditions with the sand blowing the navigation tracks and the winds pushing against the bike. I definitely took the risks and I am lucky to finish the stage.”