20 Michael Docherty (ZAF)

Overnight leader Michael Docherty was the first to depart early on Stage 2 after crashing at K53. He was overtaken by Matthias Walkner.

KTM’s Argentinian rider Kevin Benavides stopped to assist Docherty before he was evacuated by helicopter to hospital at Madinat Zayed. Benavides was credited at the finish with 21’17” for the time he spent with Docherty.

10 Martin Michek (CZE)

The only privateer in RallyGP, broke his engine at K212.

11 Ignacio Cornejo (CHL)

“I lost a bit of time in the second leg due to problems with the front brake. Overall, it was a great ride and I found a really good rhythm.”

2 Ricky Brabec (USA)

“A good stage with the first half being very fast, and honestly, I was not expecting that. I rode with my team-mate [Pablo Quintanilla] in the second half, and that was great. So, I had a good day. If I open tomorrow, that would be nice.”

1 Kevin Benavides (ARG)

“It was really long and hot today. I stopped to help Michael [Docherty] when he crashed and waited for medical aid to arrive. On a good note, it looks like my brother [Luciano] had a great ride, so I am happy.”

27 Joaquim Rodrigues (PRT)

“It was very tough today and I found it hard to get a good rhythm. Things got better after the re-fuelling stop. So, at the end, it was a good day.”

16 Ross Branch (BWA)

“It was a good day for me. I rode smoothly and consistently trying to minimize mistakes after yesterday’s errors and crash. Today, my riding was much better.”

15 Lorenzo Santolino (SPA)

“It was a very long day and I found the dunes very difficult. But I am glad to be learning.”

98 Mason Klein (USA)

“Today was a long, tough stage made worse by me losing my water at 14km. The actual ride was nice with some good dunes. The bike is running well, just like brand-new, except for the dirt on it.”

7 Pablo Quintanilla (CHL)

“A super tough day for the body. The sand was super soft and difficult to ride. I am lucky to finish the day without any problem as it was extremely difficult to navigate.”

18 Toby Price (AUS)

“I had a crash around the 130-140km mark. I hurt the inside of my arm after the fall. It was tough for the rest of the stage. But the bike is fine and it is back to normal.”

6 Franco Caimi (ARG)

“It was difficult to keep rhythm because I am coming into the race from an injury after I fractured my hand. The last kilometres are always difficult for me to grip the handle.”

77 Luciano Benavides (ARG)

“There were lots of broken dunes, but I did a good job today. I was just focused on my navigation. I had a small crash in one of dunes, before I ran out of fuel.”

5 Skyler Howes (USA)

“It was a real tough day and I couldn’t really find my rhythm. I saw couple of guys crash, but we are safe to be here and I am happy with that.”

157 Makis Rees-Stavros (GBR)

“It was a very long hard day and I am glad to be at the finish. The hand is bleeding a bit, but okay after yesterday’s roll over the handle bars. The most challenging part was early on while trying to get around all the riders who had fallen off. It was bit like Mad Max.”

76 Abdallah Abuaisheh (KWT)

“I enjoyed riding today in the big dunes. I rode better than yesterday and I am looking forward to the next stages. My target is to finish the rally safely and focus to participate in the next Dakar.”