200 Nasser Al Attiyah / Mathieu Baumel (QAT / AND)

Jordi Durante, Team Manager/Co-ordinator, Toyota Overdrive

“Today we had a great day with Yazeed [Al Rajhi] in P2 in the overall and P1 in World Championship and this is interesting for us. There were no major problems for him [Al Rajhi], and the car was working really well without any mechanical issues. But what we realized was that the day was tough with very soft sand dunes. We are now looking forward for tomorrow to have the same result.

“Nasser [Al Attiyah] had a minor issue as he damaged the front wheel at the 8km mark. That forced him back to service point as the new rules allow him to start tomorrow.

“What we are doing now is fixing the car so that he can re-start tomorrow so that he can be in a position to score points day by day.

“There is still a lot to go and we hope we can look forward to have as much as we can for the rest of the week.”