In order to facilitate hassle free and smooth logistics Emirates Motorsports Organization (EMSO) is happy to provide you with shipping solutions by connecting you to right freighting agent in your country with the help of our freight & logistics partner Dnata Logistics.

From first mile to last mile EMSO would be engaged with your shipment in coordination with our logistics partner and its agent in your country, to ensure your shipments reach well in time for the event.

  • EMSO with its logistics partner Dnata Logistics and its overseas agent will coordinate and monitor shipment loading at your port/airport of choice.
  • EMSO will coordinate and keep check on your documentation such as bill of ladings and air way bills to avoid any delay in clearance in Dubai.
  • Upon arrival of shipment in UAE, EMSO’s logistics partner Dnata Logistics will ensure shipments are customs cleared well in time for the event.
  • Alternatively, for some reasons you opt a freight company of your choice, EMSO can nevertheless assist and coordinate with your freight company’s correspondent in UAE for timely clearance of your shipment.
Official Shipping & Logistics Partner for Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2024

Dnata logistics
PO Box 5514
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ctc: Sajjad Kermalli E: sajjad.k@dnatalogistics.com
M: +971 56 524 2513
For all your shipping queries please feel free to contact Dnata Logistics directly and put logistics@emso.ae in copy.

Emirates Motorsports Organization - Logistics Support

Emirates Motorsports Organization
Email: logistics@emso.ae
M: +971 508416287/+971 559252527 (whatsapp)

Emirates Motorsports Organization
P.O. Box 27487, Abu Dhabi, UAE | Tel:  +971 26 212 175
P.O. Box 5078| Dubai, UAE | Tel: +971 42 961 122

Temporary Import/Duty Free Solutions into UAE

ATA Carnet

UAE customs accepts ATA Carnet to facilitate duty free temporary import. ATA Carnet could be obtained through the authorized chamber of commerce in your country. Please ensure no consumable items such as spare parts, oils and merchandise (if any) are mentioned on ATA Carnet.

Temporary Import Deposit

UAE customs allows temporary import against ‘temporary import duty deposit’ which is 5% of your shipment value. Our logistics partner Dnata Logistics would facilitate temporary import deposit upon arrival of shipment at UAE port/airport. Items can be listed on shipping commercial invoice and packing list and sent to us at logistics@emso.ae

Note: All spare parts and oils are entitled to customs duty + VAT and will not be treated as temporary import. Present customs regulation apply customs duty @5% of CIF value or customs assessed value + VAT@ 5% of duty +CIF value.

Sea freight consolidation services from Europe (Rotterdam)

EMSO would be organizing sea freight container from Rotterdam to Dubai in order to provide cost effective shipping services to competitors coming from Europe. Please note said offer is limited to bikes and quads.  

Please contact us for the container offer on: logistics@emso.ae

Deadline to deliver your vehicles at Rotterdam:

  • Dec 20-28, 2023
Delivery address:

mpeco Sport & Event logistics
Ratio 24
6921 RW, Duiven
The Netherlands 
Unloadref.: E-Xplorer 
Ctc: Johnny Muller
Ph:+31 26 319 77 29
Mobile:+31 62 715 02 04

Air freight

Shipments close to the event and after having crossed the sea freight deadline could be air freighted. All shipments must be shipped to Dubai airports (DXB/DWC).

Deadline to reach shipment at DXB/DWC

  • February 10th, 2024

For air shipment please contact at below email

logistics@emso.ae / sajjad.k@dnatalogistics.com