1630hrs, 08 November, 2021

Competitor comments after Stage 2: ADNOC Distribution


16        Ross Branch (BWA)

“I had a heavy crash 10 kms before the end with so much damage done to the bike. I think this rally is over for me. I am glad to be in one piece.”

52        Matthias Walkner (AUT)

“I am super tired as it’s really hot. In the last 100 kms I was pushing like hell with force so that I would not lose time and let the other guys catch up. It’s been tough, and I am happy the day is done.”

11        Daniel Sanders (AUS)

“It was a hard start with lots of big dunes and scary drops. There was a real big drop at 111 kms. The second part was good with some fast plains. I had two crashes today, and was able to fix the minor damages.”

27        Joaquim Rodrigues

“It was really, really tough with 100 per cent dunes and soft sand. I was sick and now I have no energy. I am glad I’ve made it to the finish.”

42        Adrien Van Beveren (FRA)

“It was a good day for me. I started fifth and I did my best after the refuelling. It was faster for me, but I couldn’t catch the leaders because that was my goal today. But, I am really happy as I pushed as much as I could.

“It was a really good stage for me, probably good enough to win it. But we will see what happens over the next couple of days.”

29        Andrew Short (USA)

“It was very difficult out there with all those big drops. So, I rode at what I could see and stayed safe with a slower pace in order to finish and race tomorrow.”

14        Sebastian Buhler (DEU)

“It was a tough stage, particularly before the refuelling because it looked like it was flat. But then, there were big drops and I did not try to go too fast because it was a marathon stage and I needed to take care of the bike for tomorrow. But I am happy.”

20        Aaron Mare (ZAF)

“It was a little tough to see my way and I struggled to find my rhythm. But after refuelling it was better and I found my rhythm. But, it was not my best day, and it wasn’t so bad either.”

21        Sultan Al Balooshi (UAE)

“Today was a very long stage and it got tough due to the big dunes. It’s my first time in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, and it feels nice.”

26        Konrad Dabrowski (POL)

“I am a lot better today than yesterday. But I actually got tired and that’s a good feeling for me because when I am tired it means I have had a good day.

The first part was amazing with all those big dunes. It is just such an amazing experience. The sandy roads after refuelling are something I love the most as the speeds got better, and that was really nice.

“I am tired, but very happy today.”

102      Manuel Andujar (ARG)

“It’s been a pretty long day. I’m really tired and it’s very hot out here. It has been a lot of sand and a lot of dunes and I think I am in a good position in the lead.

“But there are three days to go, and it is a very important event for me because I am fighting with World Champion Rafal Sonik and we want to win for sure.”