1630hrs, 10 November, 2021

Competitor news and comments on Abu Dhabi Aviation Stage 4


200      Nasser Al Attiyah / Mathieu Baumel (QAT / AND)

“The stage was not bad. It was a mix of mud, sand, dunes and fast tracks. Today I think we have won the stage, and we are quite happy to have a lead.

“Tomorrow is another day, and if we can win the stage, it will be good to get one point extra which will help in the championship. Every day we learn something new, which is good for me and Mathieu, and for the future.”

701      Martin Prokop / Viktor Chytka (CZE / CZE)

“It was a very nice stage as it was rolling all the time. The first part was a bit difficult to find your rhythm, but we know this location because Stage No.2 was in the same location more or less.

“I am happy overall because we are trying the car for Dakar to sort out a little bit of vibration and see how the big tyres behave. The speed is an issue, but generally we are happy.”

705      Guillaume De Mevius / Tom Colsoul (BEL / BEL)

“Today was good for us with a good performance from the car. It was very fast towards the end.”

202      Lucio Alvarez / Armand Monleon (ARG / SPA)

“The first part was tricky and we had some navigation problems. Then in the last 20 kms we lost some air in our rear tyres which slowed us down a bit. But not a bad stage in the end.”

401      Kees Koolen / Mirjam Pol (NLD / NLD)

“An unexpected stage – it was fast, fast, fast. We expected many dunes, but there were only a few. We had some close racing with the guys which was exciting. Pleased to be here – always happy.”

403      Aron Domzala / Maciejk Marton (POL / POL)

“It was good. I don’t know the time, but we only made two small mistakes. It’s easy to drive this car in this terrain. It can climb anything we ask it to. So, it was a case of pushing the limit. I think we are in third place behind Kees (Koolen), which is not bad at all. Let’s wait and see what happens tomorrow.”

217      Saleh Alsaif / Egor Okhtikov (SAU / RUS)

“It wasn’t a difficult stage and we did well. I think we move up a bit so it’s very satisfying with such tough competition here in Abu Dhabi.”

402      Eugenio Amos / Paolo Ceci (ITA / ITA)

“We felt very well today, and because we lost so much time today, we had nothing to lose and lots of glory to gain. All very fast – we enjoyed it. It was a very good stage and I think we have won it.”

409      Molly Taylor / Dale Moscatt (AUS / AUS)

“We are learning every day. There’s so much to learn and we are getting better each day. Today we have sand in the car, and this is very much part of the experience.”

214      Fernando Alvarez / Xavier Panseri (ARG / FRA)

“Yesterday we had so many problems, but today was perfect. We took care and here we are delighted to have finished. Very happy.”

404      Thomas Bell / Bruno Jacomy (ARE / ITA)

“The stage was absolutely beautiful today. It’s actually hard, but John Spiller has put an excellent route today. The organization, the quality, the completion all put together is exceptional.”