1630hrs, 09 November, 2021

Competitor comments after Stage 3: Abu Dhabi Sports Council


200      Nasser Al Attiyah / Mathieu Baumel (QAT / AND)

“I am quite happy with today. It was good navigation and great terrain, which was so much like surfing most of the time. Today we pushed a little more. Each day we do a little more. All is going well.”

700      Erik Van Loon / Sebastien Delaunay (NLD / FRA)

“Day 3 was a very nice stage. The adjustments we made to the car worked well. However, 30 kms from the finish, we had no air conditioning, so it was very, very hot.”

204      Jakub Przygonski / Timo Gottschalk (POL / DEU)

“Today wasn’t a very good day for us because we couldn’t get a very good grip. So, it’s good that we finished the stage. Sometimes, it happens. But tomorrow is another day. Let’s see.”

202      Lucio Alvarez / Armand Monleon (ARG / SPA)

“I think we had a very good stage today. We didn’t stop any time and we pushed a lot to go faster. It has been a very good stage.”

701      Martin Prokop / Viktor Chytka (CZE / CZE)

“The car is still running and we are happy with that. We have no experience with these big tyres on the soft sand. It’s very good, but sometimes it’s bumpy and you can feel the weight of the wheels.

“So, from time to time it is not ideal. We have to go back and tune it and find the right set-up.”

400      Austin Jones / Gustavo Gugelmin (USA / BRA)

“It was a good fight today. We tried to be smart and not do anything crazy while taking it safe for tomorrow. We need to keep it going for the next two days.”

406      Marek Goczal / Szymon Gospodarczyk (POL /POL)

“We went so fast today. It’s my favourite stage so far. We caught Austin first at the first fueling and then drove safely.”

205      Sebastien Halpern / Bernardo Graue (ARG / ARG)

“It’s been a very nice and fast stage. It was hot, but we enjoy driving. We finished the stage without any problems. We are happy and are looking forward to tomorrow.”

403      Aron Domzala / Maciejk Marton (POL / POL)

“It was a hard stage, but no real problem for us. We lost about one minute helping our team-mate. We had a very good pace for the last 40-50 kms. I think we can do better tomorrow once we adjust the suspension.”

410      Mansour Al Helei / Abdulla Dakhan (ARE / ARE)

“Today I am happy, I’m fine. I tried my best to take care of the car, which I did. I didn’t want to break any part, but be consistent.

“There are two days left and I am trying to finish in the top three among the (T4) world championship guys. I don’t change any parts in my car.”

201      Yazeed Al Rajhi / Michael Orr (SAU / GBR)

“Today was okay, but I had a broken drive shaft and we had to stop. So, it wasn’t easy. But in the end, we recovered a bit and began to push a bit to finish the stage.”

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