FIA International Cross-Country Rally license is required. Competitors must contact their local ASNs.UAE residents may download the application form here


AUTO ENTRY FORM - ADDC 2014   Download



For international cross-country license (issued by the ATCUAE, for license application form click here) to secure the minimum insurance required by the FIM as well as to use it in 2014 season; and for an FIM Cross-Country Rally World Championship licence* issued by the FIM through ATCUAE / UAEMC that requires:

  1. filled out Appendix A 2014 (self declaration) click here
  2. filled out Appendix B 2014 (self declaration) click here
  3. ECG (valid for 3 years, please, double check the validity if you'vesubmitted it to the ATCUAE in the past)
  4. Echocardiogram (valid for lifetime)

*FIM CCRWC licence can be 'one event' (AED 1200) or 'annual' (AED 3500), please, specify at the time of application.

MOTO ENTRY FORM - ADDC 2014   Download